Art Legends in History explores the influences and inspiration of ancient Greek and Roman mythology, the styles of ancient painting, and the influence of these myths on modern art. You may be interested in learning more about Modernism and its influence on modern art. The book is divided into three sections: Influence on modern art, Styles of ancient painting, and Inspiration. Here, we explore some of these influences in greater depth. Ultimately, the book will leave you with a greater appreciation for these genres of art.

Ancient Greek and Roman mythology

In Ancient Greek and Roman mythology, stories of heroes and gods were commonplace in Greek literature. Many of the stories are still preserved in lyric poems, fragments art legends in history of the Epic Cycle poems, and works of the tragedians of the 5th century B.C.E. In addition, myths were adapted in a pederastic light by Alexandrian poets. The Library of Pseudo-Apollodorus is the only general mythographical handbook of Greek mythology, and it tries to reconcile the contrasting tales of Greek poets.

Inspiration for paintings

If you’re interested in creating beautiful paintings, look no further than ancient mythology. Stories about great artists have been the source of many great works of art. Explore the world of Greek mythology for art inspiration. From the tragic tale of Perseus and Andromeda to the beauty of the sea, ancient stories about art and artists are a great source of ideas. Here are some famous examples. The following are just a few examples of ancient mythology paintings that have inspired artists over the centuries.

Influence on modern art

The Industrial Revolution impacted society in many ways, including in the area of art. As people left the country to work in factories, the landscape changed dramatically. These changes led to a rise in the number of urban centers, but also to cramped living conditions for workers. As a result, many artists reinterpreted these legends and their works in new ways. These artists also experimented with non-traditional materials and techniques.

Styles of art

In the late nineteenth century, the Arts and Crafts movement made an appearance in France. This style encouraged a return to handcraftsmanship and was influenced by Japanese art. Works such as Yoshinaga Takeuchi’s The Great Wave were highly influential in the American art world. The next century saw the emergence of Pop Art. Inspired by Japanese art, this style incorporated neon colors and freed artists from the rules of traditional painting.


Artists have long been creating works that tell stories and document history. There are numerous genres and styles to study within the history of art. Major arts include painting, sculpture, and architecture. Minor arts include crafts like ceramics and furniture. Some artists are even responsible for creating a legend for themselves. Here are some examples of artists who have influenced history: