Whether you are a small or large business, there is a digital agency in Montreal that can help your company thrive. These companies have the tools and experience to optimize your website for search engines and social media channels, as well as improve your conversion rates.

Digital agency montreal offers a wide range of services from website development and SEO to social media management and email marketing. They can also help you create a brand identity and develop your marketing strategy.

Digitad is a digital agency located in Montreal that was founded in 2015. Their team of 20 provides SEO, PPC, and digital strategy services to clients across industries including business services, manufacturing, government, and education.

Great Things Studio is a video production and marketing agency that serves small businesses in the advertising, manufacturing, retail, health care, education, and information technology sectors. Their team of 10 provides video production, digital strategy, and social media marketing services.

My Little Big Web is an UX design agency that was launched in 2013. They have a small team and provide ux/ui, search engine optimization, pay per click, and social media marketing.

SH1FT is a group of PPC, CRO, and inbound marketing experts who are located in Montreal. They work with a variety of small businesses, helping them increase engagement on Facebook and Instagram.

The agency helped a dental clinic revamp their website and continue managing their marketing with Google AdWords and other tools. They analyzed their existing marketing campaigns, and provided suggestions for improving them.

Authentic Agency is a social media management company that was founded in 2016. Their team of 10 members works with clients in the advertising, real estate, and business services industries.

Toast Studio is a video and digital strategy agency that is headquartered in Montreal with a second location in Toronto. Their team of 30 specializes in content marketing, video production, and digital campaign management.

Pierre M. Geoffrion is a chief strategy officer who has been working in digital marketing and strategy for over 10 years. He has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and is currently working on his CFA designation. His previous experience includes leading sales teams for Yellow Pages Canada as a regional manager. He is passionate about the digital shift and focuses on listening to his clients’ goals and developing original solutions that are tailored to their needs.