A panel internal door is a style of door that contains one or more panels. The panels of a panel door can be flat or bevelled. Flat panels are more contemporary in look, while raised and fielded panels have slightly raised edges and a central panel. These styles give the door an extra sense of depth.

Solid wood

Solid wood panel internal doors are a great option for a number of reasons. Aside from their style, they also offer insulation, meaning they keep the rooms cool or warm. Plus, they’re resistant to wear and tear and can withstand heavy usage. If you’re looking for a good door, look for solid wood and good hinges.

Solid wood panel doors can be found in a variety of shapes. They can be single, side, and off-set. They’re typically 926 x 2’6″, and 40mm thick. This is the most common size for solid interior doors, though you may need to specify a specific width for a specific building function.

Engineered wood

Engineered wood panel internal doors have a number of benefits. They are stronger, more durable and have more consistent quality than standard solid wooden doors. They can be made from a wide range of different woods. These doors can also be stainable and offer a unique look to your home.

These doors are mass produced, meaning that they cost less to make than solid doors. This oak 4 panel internal doors means that they can be made in any shape or size. They are also less likely to twist or bow. The wood used in engineered doors is sourced from sustainable forests.


If you want a traditional look, you may want to opt for a pre-finished panel door. These are available in a variety of colours to suit the interior of your home. Some people prefer to choose bold colours, while others are happy with a more muted look. Whatever your preference, you’re sure to find the perfect door for your home.

Pre-finished doors come with the added benefit of being ready to install. If you’re short on time, this can be especially beneficial. They’re typically easier to handle and can be installed in a matter of minutes. They are also more durable than unfinished doors.


Pre-hung panel interior doors are designed to slot into an existing door frame. They are typically sold with a pre-hung door, wood shims, and nails. You will also need a hammer and a circular or hand saw, as well as sandpaper, if desired. You can also install a strike plate, if desired.

Traditionally, panel internal doors were made piece-by-piece by carpenters. This allowed them to easily customize their work and correct mistakes. However, if a mistake is made in ordering the door, a perfectly good unit can be turned into scrap.