Expansion joint rubber can be customized to nearly any size. They can also be made to form arch shapes. The only limitation is the amount of hardness that can be achieved. This flexibility enables manufacturers to create a variety of different shapes and sizes, including many hardness combinations. Whether you’re replacing an existing expansion joint or adding a new one, there are a few different ways to customize it.

Bellows type

An expansion joint is an axially-moving piece of rubber that can be shortened or lengthened by axial compression or extension. It is used to support pipes and other objects that experience pressure or movement. It is typically constructed of a high-quality rubber. It may also contain special elastomers such as butyl, Nitrile, or Neoprene. These elastomers are more durable and resistant to high temperatures. A leak-proof lining tube extends through the bore to the outside edges of the flanges.

Spool Arch type

The Proco Series 271 Spool Arch type expansion joint is a unique self-cleaning type of expansion joint. This read the article type is perfect for applications where slurries are common. It also eliminates the need for filled arch designs.

Multiple Arch type

The multiple arch type expansion joint is designed to provide superior resistance to large movements in a process. Rubber expansion joints with three arches or more are typically used in processes that require large, rapid movements. The full face version of this expansion joint can be equipped with tie rods for better stability and movement resistance. This type of expansion joint is designed for both high-pressure and low-pressure applications.

Externally pressurized type

An externally pressurized type of expansion joint rubber has a casing that is composed of a flexible fabric and an interior metal reinforcement. The fabric provides a cushioning effect and supports the joint during pressure and movement. The internal metal reinforcement includes solid rings or wire embedded in the casing. The expansion joint is also equipped with a leak-proof lining tube that extends from the bore to the outer edges of the flanges.

Ultra-Sphere type

Ultra-Sphere type expansion joints are precision molded in hydraulic presses, ensuring excellent pressure, temperature, and movement characteristics. This design also helps control noise transmission and pulsation shocks. It is available in several materials, including Neoprene, EPDM, and Nitrile rubber elastomers.