Whether or not you hire movers is an important decision to make, depending on your budget, move size and distance, time frame and other factors. Unlike a moving truck rental or enlisting a few friends with a pickup, professional movers are trained to handle large and complex loads of household goods. They understand how to properly load, transport and unload boxes and furniture to reduce the risk of damage. Often, these professionals also provide additional services such as packing, specialty packing, storage and vehicle transport.

If you choose a full service company movers London Ontario, they will pack everything for you (though there are some items that you can’t have them pack, such as firearms or hazardous materials). They will then transport your belongings to your new home and unpack them for you. They’ll also remove and dispose of empty boxes. Some companies will even unpack your appliances and reassemble your furniture, though that typically costs extra.

One of the most difficult tasks for people who move on their own is getting their belongings into a truck and onto a high trailer. This is a task that requires the use of a lift, which can be difficult to operate without proper training. A reputable mover will train their crew to work safely and efficiently, positioning your items as they’re loaded and stacking them in the truck so they won’t shift during transit. They will also know how to wrap and protect fragile items such as paintings or coffee tables.

For long-distance moves, interstate movers do more than just load and transport your belongings. They will also take care of the driving, which is a big deal if you have children or pets who need to be kept calm and safe during the move. Some interstate movers also offer vehicle relocation, which is helpful if you have an oversized car or a pricey sports car that needs to be moved across the country.

Finally, many interstate movers offer valuation services to cover your belongings in case they get lost or damaged during transit. This is an optional add-on that you can purchase through your mover, but it’s usually a good idea, especially for expensive or irreplaceable items. Make sure you check the company’s website or call their customer service number to learn about what options are available for your move. This information should be included in your estimate. If not, it’s worth asking why.