Permeable paving is an increasingly important element in Melbourne, a city that is known for its relentless urban development. With WSUD requirements and site coverage requirements becoming increasingly strict, permeable paving will become an important component of any development plan. Here are some benefits to permeable paving in Melbourne. Read on for more information. – Improved water quality in your site. In Melbourne, the climate is constantly changing.


Designed for the permeability of outdoor areas, permeable paving is a sustainable paving alternative. In addition to providing aesthetic appeal, permeable paving also prevents ground from drying out, promoting the growth of trees and shrubs. The paving’s ability to allow water to seep back into the ground reduces flooding risk. Many local councils have also approved WaterPave permeable paving Melbourne as the preferred solution.

The use of permeable concrete paving prevents harmful stormwater runoff from entering waterways. It also helps prevent the ground from drying out, reducing the overall surface temperature. Permeable concrete paving Melbourne is suitable for both residential and commercial projects, including council development projects. Permeable paving is durable and offers a more attractive Permeable Paving Melbourne aesthetic to tarmac or other concrete paving options. It also offers a green solution for a range of applications, including the construction of parks and recreation areas.


If you’re looking for a permeable concrete paving system in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place. DriveCon is an industry-leading permeable concrete system made of specially engineered fine aggregates and binders. The concrete can be installed on any area, from driveways to car parks. And, you can paint it after it dries. WaterPave is one of the leading manufacturers of DriveCon permeable paving in Melbourne.

DriveCon Permeable Paving Melbourne is designed to absorb rainwater, reducing flooding and protecting waterways. As a result, permeable concrete absorbs water and reduces the temperature of the surface, preventing water runoff from polluting waterways. It is ideal for commercial and residential projects, as well as council development projects. And because the material is highly durable, it is often preferred by builders over tarmac or other concrete surfaces.


WaterPave DriveCon(r) permeable surfacing Melbourne contractors use is a specialised concrete mix. Its unique design allows rainwater to seep through and soak into the ground instead of sitting on top of the concrete. This paving solution also offers environmental benefits over regular concrete. Here are some of the main benefits of permeable paving. Here are the benefits of permeable paving Melbourne contractors should consider.

DriveCon(r) permeable concrete paving Melbourne is ideal for both commercial and residential developers looking to meet WSUD compliance requirements. This durable and long-lasting paving solution is also perfect for areas subject to high foot traffic. DriveCon Melbourne paving systems are manufactured by WaterPave and are specifically engineered to meet the needs of today’s high-traffic areas. DriveCon is a single-pour system that consists of binders and fine aggregate, making it highly durable.