john boos butcher block countertop

A John Boos butcher block island is becoming an increasingly popular item for any contemporary kitchen area.  The rustic style promoting a welcoming atmosphere has made it ideal for individuals who enjoy entertaining or have large families who spend a great deal of time in the kitchen.  Of course, locating the ideal butcher block countertop can be quite complicated as there are various factors to take into consideration, including size and construction.  This article will provide information on where to find these countertops once all deliberations have been completed, or when completing comparisons to find the ideal block.

  1. Online Stores

The most common method of purchasing any item in today’s society is via the internet, and so it is the case for a butcher block counter.  By completing some research, it can be seen that many home decoration stores now provide services online and are able to both take orders and complete sales via official websites.  In addition, some of these websites will sell custom countertops where you are able to detail the specific size, material, and structure you desire and require; however, many websites still continue to offer standard prices for a set style.  A benefit of this style of purchase is that the varieties of countertops available are much larger and there is less chance of limited stock.

  1. Home Decorating Stores

While online stores may be convenient, the more traditional option of home decorating stores is still available.  The benefit of purchasing a butcher block island at these establishments is that you will be able to view the item in person and can discuss concerns with a consultant.  A disadvantage of home decorating stores, in comparison to online stores, is limited stock.  While online stores will generally have large amounts of stock with easier access to stock, a non-virtual store may have delays if there is a need to order the item being purchased.

  1. Local Contractors

A disadvantage of commercial countertop purchases is the generic construction; however, it is possible to obtain a more personalized design by using local contractors.  A quick search online will show a list of different individuals who are able to provide butcher block building services, which introduces a customized service.  By contacting this individual you will be able to design a butcher block including your preferential size, materials, construction, and style; of course, it is important to complete some research on the contractor before entering into any agreement.

When choosing a contractor, it is recommended that you discuss their portfolio and experience.  It is also recommended that you obtain testimonials from their previous clients after an initial consultation.  Detailed quotes are also advised from different contractors to ensure that you are receiving the most affordable and appropriate offer available.

Final Words On the Matter

As can be seen, it is possible to purchase a John Boos butcher block countertop from various establishments and agencies.  By using the information above you will be able to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of the item.