If you suffer a catastrophic injury that leaves you paralyzed, your life is forever changed. It can also mean a lifetime of expenses and care, and that’s why it’s critical to hire an experienced Seattle catastrophic injury lawyer right away. They can help you fight for the maximum compensation under Washington law.

Catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord injuries are complex, and the aftermath can feel overwhelming. The last thing you want to worry about is how to hire a good Seattle paralysis claim lawyer, but that’s the best way to ensure that your rights are protected and you get every dollar of compensation that you deserve.

An experienced lawyer will review your medical records and bills, and if possible, go to the scene of the accident (or at least the location) to preserve evidence such as witness statements, photos, videos, and crime scene analysis. They can file official legal requests to protect evidence from destruction, and they will interview witnesses and look for security camera footage or other surveillance. These types of investigations can help them determine whether someone else was liable for the accident that caused your injury.

There are several different kinds of spinal cord injuries, and they are classified by the region of the spine where the injury occurred. For example, a cervical spinal cord injury can cause tetraplegia or quadriplegia, whereas a lumbar injury could result in paraplegia. Injuries to the sacral spine can result in cauda equina syndrome, a condition that affects the bladder and bowels, and is caused by spinal cord compression at the base of the spine.

Injuries to the spinal cord can be extremely costly, and they often involve long periods of hospitalization and rehabilitation. They can lead to missed work, and a loss of income. A seasoned spinal cord injury attorney will make sure that the liable parties are held fully accountable for all your losses so financial worries don’t compound your trauma.

The most important part of a successful spinal cord injury claim is proving that the liable party’s actions were the direct cause of your injuries. A seasoned Seattle spinal cord injury lawyer can carefully examine the facts of your case and use their years of experience to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

The goal is to get you back to a good place, physically, mentally, and financially. This means getting the money you need to pay your current and future medical expenses, to live comfortably in your home, and for other non-financial damages such as pain and suffering. It’s the only way to hold liable parties accountable for their mistakes and to protect your rights. Contact a compassionate Seattle paralysis attorney today to schedule your free consultation. You have three years from the date of your injury to file a personal injury claim in Seattle. If you wait longer than that, you may be out of luck in pursuing justice. Our firm has a proven track record of success, and we’re ready to get started on your case.

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